Know your risk – Avoid your deportation!

In case you are potentially concerned of a deportation flight, we sincerely recommend you to be on alert and to do your best to protect yourself. Do not allow them to deport you and to put your life in danger!

We also ask you to pass on this information to family members, friends and persons within your community who may be potentially concerned.

Who may be concerned by deportations?

– Persons who have had a second negative decision in their asylum case. Persons who have missed to make an appeal against their first negative decision. Those who have made one, but haven´t received „Aufschiebende Wirkung“ (legal stay while waiting for the asylum decision) yet.

– Persons living in Austria under undocumented, irregular conditions.

– The risk is a lot higher if somebody is already under severe pressure from state authorities to leave Austria.

– Troubles with Austrian law enforcement authorities and having a criminal case on one’s record can increase risks of being deported. However, persons who have never had such problems are equally concerned.

Situations of high risk to get arrested for a deportation:

– If you are informed to show up at a police station for “gelinderes Mittel”. It is dangerous to go if you are presently under deportation threat.

– For persons under deportation threat, it is equally dangerous to get into a situation of “racial profiling” police controls. Such racist controls are common at places like railway stations or underground stops, but also at some other police control hotspots. It is recommended to avoid such places in case you are under deportation threat.

– The “Meldeadresse”, as an officially registered address, is the place where police will show up first if they look for you to deport you.

How to avoid a deportation:

– Be aware of potential dangers (see points above).

– If you have received your first negative asylum decision you should immediately contact your legal adviser or your lawyer to make an appeal against it. Be aware that the chances of Afghans to get subsidiary protection or asylum are still pretty high in Austria! Keep in mind that many persons successfully applied against their first negative asylum decisions!

– Do not miss the deadline to make an appeal against your negative asylum decision!

– Inform your legal adviser or your lawyer as well as your friends if you are under deportation threat. That way, others can try to support you in case you get arrested!

– Collect support letters from friends, family members, colleagues, school mates, teachers etc. as well as certificates from schools, cultural projects, volunteer activities, work places etc.!

– If you have new information about any risks of persecution and war in your country of origin, you can use it to make a new asylum application!

– If you suffer from severe physical diseases or mental troubles, get it confirmed by a doctor and present it as a reason against your deportation!

– In case you are arrested, you have the right to a phone call. Inform your legal adviser or your lawyer as well as your friends.

– On a regular passengers’ flight, you have lots of ways to resist: declare you are not willing to fly, demand to talk to the pilot, refuse to sit down on your seat, involve other passengers, and struggle physically, if necessary. However, all this does not work on a mass deportation charter flight with lots of police inside.

– Some persons managed to get out of deportation prisons due to critical health conditions resulting from hunger strikes etc. Be aware that a hunger strike can be very harmful for one’s health – everyone must decide for themselves what level of resistance is possible for them.

– In general: Do not hide your problem of deportation threat to yourself. Share your problem with others. Get organized against your deportation!


Source: Facebook: „Refugee Protest Camp Vienna“:

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