Rettungsmission von Libyscher Armee angegriffen. Zahlreiche Tote, Flüchtlingsboot zerstört

Nach Ärzte Ohne Grenzen nun auch Sea-Watch Retter von Libyscher Armee angegriffen. Zahlreiche Tote, Flüchtlingsboot zerstört

After Doctors Without Borders, also Sea-Watch rescuers attacked by Libyan Army. Many Deaths, boat destroyed

„EU, Libya – don´t stop us from saving lives“, says „Sea Watch“.  Another deadly incident happened before the planned start of training next week of up to 100 Libyan coast guard members as part of the EU anti-smuggling mission Operation Sophia.

The rescue organisation accuses the Libyan Army of attacking boat people, causing their death:

„This was an attack on our rescue operation. We were engaged already with the boat to hand out life jackets“ when a Libyan Army boat attacked and entered the refugee boat. REUTERS reports: <At least one man from the Libyan vessel jumped into the rubber boat and beat the migrants with a stick, causing a mass panic a Sea-Watch spokesman said. Part of the rubber boat deflated in the ruckus, toppling most of them into the sea (…).

A spokesman for the naval forces in Tripoli, Ayoub Qassem said a patrol had only boarded one vessel to check why it was in Libyan waters (…). „It was definitely not in Libya waters,“ Neugebauer said of the position of the Sea-Watch 2, offering Reuters historical GPS tracking data from the ship (…). The Libyan coast guard boat sped away when the migrants fell into the sea instead of going to their aid, Neugebauer said (…).

In August, another humanitarian group that operates rescue ships off the coast of Libya, Doctors Without Borders, said it had been attacked and boarded by armed men on a Libyan navy boat. The Libyan navy said it fired „warning shots“ because it thought the ship was involved in people smuggling.> (Source: REUTERS report, 22 October 2016)

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