Now in Munich: Refugee Protest Camp!

You are needed! You are invited! Du wirst gebraucht! Du bist eingeladen! (Deutsch: s.u.)

Self-organised refugees are protesting with a camp at Sendlinger Tor Platz in the city centre of Munich / Germany for more than a week now. Follow & spread their site & their

„Invitation To a Dialog

We are Non-Citizens. That means, we are people without rights who live within this society as an outsider. With our protest we want to overcome this status.
Despite all the dangers of the flight we were forced to leave our countries of origin. Because there dominate inhumane conditions such as war, repression, discrimination and poverty. On the try of flight many of us died because the European countries have drawn walls on their borders. In this way many children disappeared.
We managed to come to an unbearable journey in Germany. Our only wish was to be treated as human beeings. But our democratic rights were taken away by tightening of asylum law. Because of racist attacks and incarceration in the big camps (Erstaufnahmelager), we are in isolation to the rest of society. Many of us are threatened with deportation.

Our voice remains unheard, although if all newspapers speak every day in their headlines of the so-called refugee crisis.
Therefore, we organized us and left the camps. We would like to communicate with society. We invite the people from Munich and especially the press, political parties and trade unions, to converse with us to jointly put an end to this inhumane status.

We demand:
– Instant stop of all deportations
– political acceptance of all asylum applications!“

(Munich, 12th of September 2016= 6th Day at Sendlinger Tor)

*The struggle is not only in urgent need of concrete support on site,
but also of political allies, solidarity statements, solidarity actions,
and so on. *

The protesting refugees are looking forward to your solidarity.

Please have a look here for calls, more info concerning their demands,
etc.. :

*What goes wrong when 60 million people are refugees?!*

*Call Out to get LOUD, to change the social relations! *

*Invitation to a Dialogue*



If you would like to get in touch with the protest, get active, support
the refugees or have questions  please don’t write back to this address,
but contact directly…

…or just drop by at Sendlinger Tor.



/!!! Bitte weiterverbreiten! !!!/

Liebe Freund_innen,

wie die meisten von Euch mitbekommen haben, findet nun schon seit über
einer Woche am Sendlinger Tor Platz ein von Geflüchteten selbst
organisiertes Protestcamp statt.

Der Protest benötigt nicht nur weiterhin dringend konkreten Support vor
Ort, sondern auch politische Verbündete, Solidaritätsstatements,
Solidaritätsaktionen etc.

Die Geflüchteten freuen sich über öffentliche Solidarität!

Die bisherigen Aufrufe, Informationen zu den Forderungen der
Protestierenden etc. findet Ihr hier:

*Was läuft falsch, wenn über 60 Mio. Menschen auf der Flucht sind?!*

*Aufruf LAUT zu werden, die gesellschaftlichen Verhältnisse zu verändern!*

*Einladung zu Gesprächen*

Alle bisherigen Berichte von Aktionen, Statements etc. hier:



Falls Ihr Kontakt mit dem Protest sucht, aktiv werden wollt, die
Geflüchteten unterstützen, Fragen zum Protest habt oder das Gespräch
sucht, wendet euch bitte NICHT an diese Emailadresse sondern an:

Oder Ihr schaut einfach am Sendlinger Tor vorbei!



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