Safe ROG, an autonomous place of Refugee solidarity

REFUGEES are solidary with ROG. ROG is solidary with REFUGEES and welcoming them daily.

Factory Rog is a squat in Ljubljana, Slovenia, occupied since 2006. In early summer 2016, they resisted a brutal eviction by the municipality and a neo-nazi-shit attack during the night – with a good dose of irony (and pink paint)!
Famous Italian Artist BLU honoured ROG´s broad cultural life with a huge wall painting (see pic above and here: BLU´s art at ROG, Slovenia ). Rog is still fighting for its existence! Show them your support and visit Rog if you can.
More information:
From the statement of the assembly of the autonomous Rog Factory users, June 2016:
„We demand for the municipality to come clear on how many bones they are still willing to break in order to appease to the mayor’s ego.
How far are they willing to go to please the interest of the capital? We are calling for opening a common place for a true dialogue instead of escaping to ‚violence‘
The eviction wasn’t the only threat as later in the week a group of neo-Nazis attacked Rog.
Both were defended successfully. Rog is still fighting for its existence!“
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