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No Stress Tour 2016


Summer is the time when lots of things are happening in Germany, also in and around Berlin.  People profit of the sun, they become more active and open up. This offers opportunities, particular for refugees, to think of new strategies to build up a better communal life.
For this reason CISPM and Afrique Europe Interact, international networks for emancipation and integration of refugees, are planning a project called „No Stress Tour“, which should take place this summer from July until October.
The aim of the project is to bring refugees and other inhabitants of the city closer to each other and to provide support with regard to the current complex asylum policy.

Link: Programm No Stress Tour

Migszol: Update on the Situation of Hungary

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29/4/2016: Many are asking  us about the situation in Hungary regarding the transit zones and the planned legislation that would abolish all integration contract. In this post, we have gathered some of the latest information on the situation:

The situation is particularly worrying in the so called transit zone at the southern border. While access to the actual containers where cases are handled in extreme speed is restricted,  humanitarian groups are working on both sides of the border. We especially recommend this testimony from a volunteer at the humanitarian group Migration Aid, describing the situation in the transit zone this week. Migszol Szeged is also present in this area, as well as Serbian groups. Furthermore, this recent, powerful video testimony from the transit zone, made by Volunteers on the Rise this April, is very telling of the situation.


We are extremely concerned about the new plan of the Austrian government to push back asylum seekers to Hungary and Italy. Leaving Hungary is becoming extremely difficult – undercover policemen, quite clearly relying on racial profiling, are trying to catch people in the train stations, and the cars travelling from Hungary to Austria are being checked. Regarding Austria’s planned legislation, we wonder how Austria can declare Hungary a safe country, when Finland has completely stopped Dublin deportations to the country? In our recent discussions with people seeking protection, we heard of many cases where people have been pushed back to Hungary in total disregard of the EU legislation that would ask for a Dublin case. Those people deported to Hungary are systematically detained.

full report: click here

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