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Calais is burning : Freedom for migrants !


Start of the expulsion of a part of the Jungle migrant camp in Ca

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This monday, the police began to destroy the camp of Calais. We, refugees in Paris, say that you should let the refugees to decide by themselves and give them some solutions.
We want the government to let the refugees in Calais, if they want, to go to UK. If they want to stay in Paris to make asylum, they should have their rights, the things that were promised to us, houses, papers and education.
We, refugees, are all together. The refugees that want to go to Britain and the ones, here. We are sorry, we don’t like to tell it but we are sleeping in the streets. We will never move back from our rights.
We want to be treated like human beings. We are feeling badly because we are living in the sreets and parks. We are human beings. Can someone say it to the government ?
We are going to do peaceful protests about the situation of refugees in Calais.
We call everybody to come with us and support the migrants, in Calais and Paris :
Rally this tuesday 1st march in place de la République at 18.00.
Demonstrate on friday 4 march from Gare du Nord at 18.00.
Paris, 29 february 2016
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