Solidarity demos in Traiskirchen

Refugees welcome!

Stop human rights violations in Traiskirchen!

Stop Dublin deportations!

Stop racist Asylum policies!

Monday, 20th of July: solidarity demo in Traiskirchen

Starting point: at 6pm in front of the gate of Traiskirchen refugee camp, then protest march through the city and back to the refugee camp

Sunday, 26th of July, 1p.m.:

Big demonstration in Traiskirchen – refugees and friends, take the streets!

Starting point: at 1pm at Traiskirchen railway station.

Then protest march through the city to the gate of Traiskirchen refugee camp,

On Saturday, 11th of July, there was demonstration in Traiskirchen against the conditions Austria is forcing refugees to live in. Hundreds of refugees took the streets and many spoken up and demanded concrete things for a better life and a better future: transfer out of the horrible conditions inside Traiskirchen refugee camp, living in proper houses, having proper food and medical care… Many also spoke up against the threat of “Dublin” deportations that many people in Traiskirchen are facing and demanded the right to stay in Austria – or to cancel their finger prints and let them move freely to another country.

It is higly necessary to move out in solidarity with the struggle of the refugees and to stand together: For freedom and good living conditions for every human being! Against human rights violations, deportations and repressive border regime in Austria and Europe!

These days, we are witnessing a shocking scenario in Austria: The refugee camp in Traiskirchen is becoming more and more a laboratory for new methods of repression and exclusion against refugees. Hundreds of people are sleeping in the heat or in thunder storms in tents, on the floor or completely outside. Others are getting distributed over Austria and put in tent camps, while national and local governments are disputing whether tents, containers, army barracks or remote pensions in the mountains are the right places for further accomodation. Latest coup: the planned forced relocation of refugees from Austria to Slovakia. At the same time, hundreds of refugees in Traiskirchen are living under the daily threat of „Dublin“-deportations – with the constant fear to be deported back into horrible conditions in Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy or other countries they have maybe passed during their long and dangerous journey.

The Austrian state, represented by the ministry of interior, is making people homeless, while there are empty buildings in every city and it would even be no problem for the state to support refugees to rent private appartments – if they were willing to do so. What the interior ministry and Austrian politicians want to achieve is something different: By creating a scenario of catastrophy, they try to justify the closure of Austria and of Europe and a brutal policy of deportation. The political parties ÖVP, FPÖ and SPÖ are searching to gain votes in future elections by practicing racist hardliner policies against refugees. What they are doing with people in Traiskirchen and in Austrian tent camps ist he direct continuation of creating more and more border fences and detention centers all over Europe and of the murderous war against refugees in the Mediterranean. It is more than high time to rise up and to resist actively against this uggly and racist asylum policy of the interior ministry and the Austrian state! And it is high time to listen to the people in Traiskirchen, whose own voice is ignored most times, how they see their own situation, what they want, what they demand and to support their daily struggle.

Again and again, refugees in Traiskirchen resist against the daily horrible conditions and have to face repression for their struggle – like recently those who blocked the gate of the Traiskirchen refugee camp, protesting against forced transfer to Eisenstadt tent camp, and were brutally arrested by the police. Come to Traiskirchen, let’s show them a warm and solidary „Refugees welcome“! Solidarity with the struggles of the refugees, stop repression against refugee protest! Appartments and freedom of movement for all instead of tents, homeless conditions, lagers and forced distribution! Stop deportation, abolish „Dublin III“ and all deportation laws!

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