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Freedom March to Brussels

Press Release, Luxembourg the 5th of June, 2014

Protest during EU Justice and Home Affairs council meeting in Lux

DPA/Nicolas Bouvy

Today we were brutally attacked by police forces in Luxembourg during our peaceful blockade action against the summit of the European Council. While the Ministers of Interior Affairs of every EU member state were sitting inside behind closed doors speaking about the Mediterranean Task Force, the new Executive Director of Frontex as well as better ways to administrate the Schengen Area. As the agenda of the summit concerns us, the victims of their laws and policies, we wanted to send representatives of the Protest March for Freedom to read out our demands, since our voices – as a group that‘s fighting for the rights of the oppressed – should be the priority topic of such a summit. Our peaceful blockade got violently smashed by the police and security forces in and around the conference building. During their whole operation the police was not communicating with us in any way, even though most of the officers speak three languages (english, french and german). They ignored all our attempts to talk with them in order to explain to them that we want to talk in behalf of the refugees during the summit. Pepper spray attacks, beating with battons, kicks and bites of the police dogs were the only answer we received. The police also told us that in case we move further into the building where the summit took place, they have the authority to use their guns against us. Many of us got injured.

We pushed back and gathered in the middle of the square with our banners and loudspeakers. We held speeches in order to make ourselves be heard from the outside, as our demand to participate in the summit continued to go totally ignored. Once again we read out our demands, addressed the police burtality and asked the police over and over again to stop escalating the situation as we are a non-violent protest march well known in the public.

Then, after we announced that we will continue with our march and started to leave the police forces attacked our march once again. They surrounded us, blocked off all exits and started to attack us once more with pepper spray, physical violence and police dogs. Then they started to arrest the people from the march, targeting mainly refugees.

The protest march followed the arrested comrades to the police station escorted by dozens of police cars and police officers who on the way harrased over and over again those individuals from the march that were spreading flyers to the passing people. The march arrived at the front door of the police station and started a rally there. After several hours of protest our 13 comrades finally got released.

During the last twenty years – since 1993 – over 17 000 deaths have been documented in the mediteranean sea; People trying to escape from wars, poverty, exploitation and oppression. Though the problems that they are fleeing from are mostly caused by capitalist dominant countries, at the borders (of those countries) refugees face strong controls that are part of the racist policy that makes immigration ‚illegal‘. Human Beings who know that freedom of movement is their basic human right face military operations both at the border and in the sea. Closed borders and strong controls are ending up creating an ungoing tragedy in the mediterranean sea.

We condamn this capitalist system which is isolating people and is depriving them from their basic human rights just to keep the profit growing.

We also condamn the brutal behavior and criminalization of the Luxembourg police that acted illegitimately violent towards us. We are struggling non-violently for our fundamental rights like freedom of movement and residency. We do not allow state authorities to intimidate us with their illegitimate criminalization of our struggle, and we never give up.

Tomorrow we will cross the border between Luxemburg and Belgium that‘s supposed to be controlled because of the G7 meeting. The politicians that gather there are the heads of those states that are responsible for our situation and the criminalization of the people who are victims of their racist policies. We will not let them restrict our lives, our rights or our freedom of movement anymore!

So still we will cross the border in spite of the controls and therefore we call for your full support and solidarity. Especially media presence is in high demand!

We are here and we will fight – Freedom of Movement is Everybodies Right!

No border crossing is illegal!

Protest March For Freedom


Hamburg Police brutalizing Lampedusa refugees peaceful protest

Urgent/Dringend: Police evicts the peaceful protest of Lampedusa in Hamburg / Polizei räumt den friedlichen Protest der Lampedusa in Hamburg
(See below caravan info in english and deutsch unten)

lampedusa in hamburg

Register your protest by Telephone, Fax and email to the Authorities in Hamburg and Luxemburg:

Please act to stop the police violence that is taking place in Hamburg against the 50 to 60 refugees of the Lampasas’ group in Hamburg who are on sit-in-strike in solidarity protest in front of city hall.

The refugees are demanding from the city administration of Hamburg to
grant their request for residence permit according to paragraph 23 and
workingpermits and also to express their solidarity with the victims of police
brutality in Luxemburg.

At about 15.00Uhr in Hamburg: The courageous Lampadusa refugees led a spontaneous protest in front of the city hall to continue the protest against their homelessness, till now several people have been wounded in the bloody attacks of the police in Hamburg. The refugees are facing continuous repression, many refugees and activists are forcefully arrested and detained in the police station.

At about 12.noon in Luxemburg: The Europe-wide refugee protest “March for freedom of movement” from Strasbourg to Brussels has been attacked violently and gas sprayed by the Police in Luxemburg during their protest at the EU conference of the internal ministers.

The VOICE Refugee Forum call to protest the bloody violence of the German police against the protesters and that Police should act as “civilized” citizens as we demand the immediate release of the protesters, we demand public apology for their ignorance in favor of the discrimination and repressions of the people in Europe while we hold the ministers responsible to investigate immediately the abuses of the police.

Please act to stop the police violence and intimidation of protesters and condemn the police violation of our democratic rights to protest and for public assembly in Germany and in Europe.

You can organize public protests in your communities and Register your protest by Telephone, Fax and email to the Authorities in Hamburg and Luxemburg to Free Our Brothers and Sisters :

Mayor Office Hamburg,
Senatskanzlei Address
Postfach 105520
20038 Hamburg
Tel.: 040 – 42831-0
040 – 42831-2555

Call the Luxembourg police station and tell them to free our friends
Tel: 00352 4997 4 500
Also per fax: 00352 4997 4 599

Urgent/Dringend: Police evicts the peaceful protest of Lampedusa in Hamburg / Polizei räumt den friedlichen Protest der Lampedusa in Hamburg

+ + + deutsch unten + + + +

50 to 60 refugees of the NATO-war refugees from the group „Lampedusa in Hamburg“ decided to protest peacefully in front of the city hall in Hamburg and demand a reaction from the city administration regarding their request for a residence permit according to paragraph 23 and working permits.

The reaction of the city administration to the peraceful and calm protest in front of the city hall is in line with the European war against refugees. Police units number 23, 24, 44, and 64 from Hamburg came to oppress the struggle. People were taken away from the peaceful sitting strike, hit into the faces, handcuffed and brought away. One of the police used pfeffer – gas spray. While police is evicting the place, the protesting refugees were shouting: „We passed the desert, we survived without water, we survived the war in Libya, we survived the mediterranean, nothing matters anymore!“

more infos to come
In solidarity
CARAVAN for the Rights for refugees and migrants.

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Polizei räumt Protest der Lampedusa in Hamburg

50 bis 60 überlebende Flüchtlinge des NATO-Krieges gegen Libyen von der Gruppe „Lampedusa in Hamburg“ haben heute entschieden, friedlich vor dem Rathaus der Hansestadt Hamburg zu protestieren, um eine Reaktion von der Stadt Hamburg bezüglich ihrer forderungen nach Anerkennung als Kriegsflüchtlinge nach §23 und Arbeitserlaubnisse zu erwirken.

Die Reaktion der Stadtverwaltung auf den friedlichen und stillen Sitzstreik vor dem Hamburger Rathaus ist entsprechend des europäischen Krieges gegen Flüchtlinge. Polizeieinheiten 23, 24, 44, und 64 der Hamburger Polizei rückten an, um den Protest zu unterdrücken. Protestierende wurden vom Sitzstreik entfernt, ihnen wurde ins Gesicht geschlagen, Handschellen angelegt und dann wurden sie weggebracht. Ein Polizist setzte Pfefferspray ein. Als die brutale Räumung begann, riefen die Flüchtlinge: Wir haben die Wüste überquert, wir haben ohne Wasser überlebt, wir haben den Krieg in Libyen und das Mittelmeer überlebt, nichts beeindruckt uns nun!“

Mehr Infos folgen

Im Anschluss noch eine kurze Mitteilung der lokalen KARAWANE-Gruppe aus Hamburg von gestern Abend.

In solidarität

KARAWANE für die Rechte der Flüchtlinge und MigrantInnen

Abschiebungen sind Verbrechen
Zwanzigtausend Menschen waren im letzten Herbst auf der Straße und verlangten von der Hamburger Regierung das Aufenthaltsrecht und die Arbeitserlaubnis für die knapp 400 libyschen Kriegsflüchtlinge der Gruppe „Lampedusa in Hamburg“ – ohne Erfolg. Die Gruppe hält dennoch daran fest – we are here to stay. Heute hat die Nordkirche ihren Einsatz positiv bilanziert und abgewickelt. Auch das linke Zentrum B5 hat zwei Tage später den Schlafplatz in seinen Vereinsräumen geschlossen. Gleichzeitig kündigt die Ausländerbehörde Abdullah, von „Lampedusa in Hamburg“ zuvor Schweißer in Libyen, die Abschiebung nach Italien an.

Samuel Mensah und Francis Kwame sind tot.

„Lampedusa in Hamburg“ ist international bekannt geworden. Die große Solidarität aus der Bevölkerung wird überall gelobt. Die Verfolgung und Entrechtung setzt sich fort. Das Leben und Sterben auf der Straße gehen weiter und die Deportationen von „Lampedusa in Hamburg“ sind in Vorbereitung.
Wo bleibt die Menschlichkeit? Diese Frage stellen aktuell die sudanesischen Flüchtlinge des Protestcamps in Hannover der Öffentlichkeit. In Hamburg stellt sich aktuell die Frage: Was bedeutet die Solidarität, bzw. was erfordert sie?

Hamburg, 03 Juni 2014

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KARAWANE für die Rechte der Flüchtlinge und MigrantInnen
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