Documentary film „Against the tide“

Boats4People has the pleasure to announce the upcoming release of the documentary film « Against the tide » directed by Nathalie Loubeyre with Boats4People.

Since the mid- 1990s, more than 20,000 migrants died in the Mediterranean in their attempt to reach Europe.

Boats4People – a Euro-African coordination of organizations defending the rights of migrants at sea – decided to respond by organizing, in July 2012, a Mediterranean crossing in order to denounce this massacre and to point those responsible for this tragedy.

Through the various stages of the journey (Tuscany, Sicily, Tunisia, Lampedusa) and the land and sea events (debates, press conferences, activists‘ meetings, celebrations) Against the tide decrypts several mechanisms of the European immigration policy (Frontex, readmission agreements, criminalization of solidary seafarers) and denounces its deadly consequences.

Besides the desire to share an extraordinary activist experience, the film aims to raise awareness, mobilize public opinion and continue the struggle for the rights of boat-people.

Going against the securitary and anti- immigration ideology that makes Europe’s borders increasingly deadly, Boats 4 People, through this film, promotes a Mediterranean area of free movement in which the law of the sea and the rights of migrants are respected.

The DVD will be available soon !

We need your support to allow completion of the final steps (editing, mixing, colour grading).

You can now buy the DVD on the site:

The DVD will be out and sent to you on April the 26th, 2014.
Price: 15 ¤ shipping included
Languages ​​available in the DVD : English, French , Arabic, Italian , German

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