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Beyond Imagination: human rights abuses of asylum seekers in Libya

Asylum seekers should not be returned to Libya for any reason whatsoever because their safety, lives and freedoms are at risk. In Libya, they have virtually no chance of getting protection, even now that the Gaddafi regime has collapsed.


Sara Prestiani

This is the central and unequivocal conclusion of ‚Beyond Imagination‚, a Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) Malta publication documenting the experiences of asylum seekers arriving in Malta through Libya, launched on Monday at an event in Valletta.

„Through this publication we wanted to highlight the consequences of return to Libya for asylum seekers, by bringing to light the stories we hear repeatedly when they arrive in Malta. Most have suffered horrific abuse – including indefinite detention in miserable conditions, beatings, rape and other forms of sexual abuse – and are denied the possibility of obtaining any kind of protection“, said Katrine Camilleri, JRS Malta Director, at the launch on Monday 3 February.


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