We come from everywhere to march from Straßbourg to Brussels


We are asylum seekers, refugees, undocumented migrants, migrants from many European countries, we are Europeans with a “migration background”, we are all those who have no full priviledge of citizenship, but also citizens who share a common anger against the racist EU migration policy.

We decided to organize a European caravan which will go from the largest number of European countries towards Brussels (Belgium), where the European institutions are settled. Showing that we don’t respect the borders they impose us, holding us prisonners of the states borders and in the lagers, we will exercise our basic right of freedom of movement and adress our demands directly where the decisions come from.

We have a dream :

  • Freedom of movement and of residence for all asylum seekers,
  • Stop the Dublin trap and the obligatory residence in Lagers throughout Europe
  • Permanent documents without criteria (not depending on working contracts or individual state prosecution)
  • Stop the imprisonment and deportation of migrants
  • Same working conditions for all
  • Same political, social and cultural rights for all : right to study and to work
  • Stop the European imperialist policies : no more free trade treaties and NATO wars
  • Abolish Frontex, Eurosur and other anti-migration policies and measures

Join us !

Starting in may 2014 with the EU Parliament elections : join us in Strasbourg !

The caravan/march will start as common transnational project at the end of May in Strassbourg, the march will last about 3-4 weeks from Strasbourg to Brussels.

Join us in Strasbourg !

Central action in Brussels to adress the Summit : join us in Brussels !

The transnational march will end in Brussels with massive protests at the EU-summit on migration policy, the 26th and  27th of June 2014.  The arrival in Brussels will be one week before the summit, around the 21st and 22nd of June, we will have a week of actions in the city of Brussels to make them aware of our anger.  Link : ++++++

Join us in Brussels !


Decentralised actions : refugees and migrants unite, wherever you are !

Local activities and decentralized actions already started on the 18th of december 2013, for the international day of migrants and refugees angainst racism : actions have been taken all over Europe in the same time and with the same demands (see our web blog : http://freedomnotfrontex.noblogs.org/) Also, decentralized actions and marches will start already in May in reference to the European paerliament elections. All activities should come together in Strasbourg to start the common march (the exact date still has to be confirmed).

Wherever you are, take action in solidarity with European refugees and migrants, feel free to initiate creative and local actions !

Join us anywhere you are !

Contact us : freedomnotfrontex@riseup.net

Flyer as PDF: here
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