“If you come by boat, you won’t be settled in Australia”

First victims of new hardline order on Australia’s borders have been pushed back to sea.

First group of asylum seekers transferred to PNG under new government policy

See these articles: „Asylum seeker filmed weeping tells her story.
Iranian whose image came to symbolise hardline new order on Australia’s borders speaks of the horrors of indefinite detention – and the fight to get medical treatment for her husband“ : http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jan/13/asylum-seeker-filmed-weeping-tells-her-story

Hungerstrikes in Australia: Protests against closing borders for refugees and inhuman detention conditions

Since more than 10 days about 250 refugees inside the camp on Christmas Island (Australia) are on hungerstrike. All the asylum seekers decided to start a protest in order to make their extremely bad conditions visible. The camp securtity stopped to allow them to have acces to internet and also closed all possibilities to leave the camp. After the fifth day of hungerstrike 6 persons sewed sewn their lips together.

How can we support the refugees in their struggle for freedom? We know that many of those hungerstrikes and protests were going on in the last years. but only a few of them were visible to (an international) public.

This is a call to organize solidarity actions worldwide and address the Australian authorities to listen to the refugees demands.
Let’s organize protests in front of the Australian embassies, write about it, make pressure. the border system is a global form of oppression.

see these short articles, published jan14th 2014:



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