20, Afghan Refugees on the edge of deportation from Sweden…


By: Abdul Ghafoor, kabulblogs.wordpress.com

Afghanistan witnessing the return of many Afghan refugees from European countries every month. How ever only a few in hundred maybe voluntarily return, but the rest is force deportation. and also not many people know about their faith after deportation. They face different kind of challenges once sent back, from the threats from Taliban to the over all insecurity, From High ratio of unemployment to Human right and women rights’ violations and etc.

Many of those deported find themselves in a challenging condition once sent back to Afghanistan. As many can’t go to their families due the increasing insecurity all over Afghanistan and with in Kabul. Kabul has witnessed some of the worst attacks at the start of 2013 and the latest deadly suicide attack took place near the Grand Jirga tent in Kabul, which left  almost a dozen innocent civilians killed and many injured.

Considering the ongoing insecurity and the increasing number of deportation to Afghanistan’ Things doesn’t look to be going on the right path. But, the question is who is responsible and which door to be knocked to stop sending this number of vulnerable Afghan Refugees  back to danger? Is there a state of shame for those countries, which are sending these many lives back to disaster? Or, Does the responsibility go to the numb and irresponsible Afghan Government who may not even know in what condition these refugees are living in? They have put thousands of lives in danger with signing the agreements on force deportation in exchange of a little money for their own pockets

Afghan MP Shukra Barakzai;: Host countries don’t recognize Afghans as refugees. on the other hand they are forcibly deporting Afghans refugees in contradiction with the international refugee Convention. This is due to signing some small MOUs for the sake of personal interest, which has given those countries a free hand to forcibly deport Afghan Refugees back to Afghanistan ..

More than 30 people have arrived in Kabul only this in the last three weeks, and yet there are mass deportations taking place from Some of the EU countries. According to reports 52 Afghan refugees are facing deportation from Sweden. This deportation is supposed to take place on 10th December 2013.

Meanwhile refugee activists and groups have planned mass demonstration all around Sweden on 6th December to stop this mass deportation. Therefor all the activists and those who care for Afghans refugees are requested to join the protest and stop mass deportation of Afghans who have passed many long years of there life waiting in Sweden. And now they are facing deportation …

Some of the events taking place on December 6th

in Sweden to demonstrate against the force deportation ..


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