Stop Deportations to Afghanistan!

Some of those who have been brutally deported to Afghanistan will demonstrate outside the National Parliament buildings in Kabul on Saturday (contact in Facebook).

At that time, the Minister of Refugees and Repatriation will be question by Parliament about charges of serious corruption at the Ministry. At the same time, the protesters will accuse him of colluding with foreign governments, enabling them to deport vulnerable people back to Afghanistan.

demo kabul

The demonstrators will demand
a) an end to deportations to Afghanistan

b) that the Afghan government and the Ministry for Refugees and Repatriations in particular cease their collusion with foreign governments and defend the rights of their citizens

c)All European countries and Australia must treat Afghan refugees according to international law, and give them full access to all legal assistance according to their rights

d) that those who claim to be defenders of Human Rights abide by their duty to those whose own governments cannot
protect them.

علیه اخراج اجباری پناهجویان افعان , کابل افغانستان تظاهرات
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