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On the 27th of June 2013, representatives from Oranienplatz/Berlin arrived in Vienna to establish a transnational network between the various refugee struggles within EUrope. Aside from Austria, they linked up with different initiatives in Italy, France and Belgium. A call was made, to initiate a transnational refugee protest movement for the preparation of a collective uprising in Spring 2014, just before the EU parliamentary elections.

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We, refugee-activists and supporters from Vienna, support this call and would like to offer the next step. Come the 27th – 29th September 2013, a social forum will take place in Vienna (Afro-Asian Institute and the Serviten monastery), its intent is to connect representatives from various refugee protests and initiatives in EUrope. To come together, plan and create possible steps and strategies to prepare for the collective uprising in 2014.

Activists from refugee movements within Austria and the EU will be contributing to panels, workshops and discussions. The forum will be free and open to the public, with the request of registration for workshops. It will be broadly announced via journalists and social media with a special focus on parts of the Austrian political and civil society landcape hitherto not involved in the refugee movement and on refugees and migrants in Austria.

In order to make this forum happen we need your participation. Thus, we ask refugees and supporters from EUropean refugee movements to join us for this event.

Please, register for participation until the 25th of September at:
reemphasiscampaignsignup at

Let’s share our experiences! Let’s develop common strategies!
Let’s use the elections to the European Parliament
for a broad EUropean mobilization!

We shall rise!

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