Actions on Friday 24th – Refugee Protest Call

Half a year after the march from Traiskirchen to Vienna – 6 Monate Refugee Protest(camp)

Kundgebung 11-12h vor dem Parlament, ab 13h Infotisch im Votivpark

„From the beginning of the Refugee Protest in autumn 2012, the government did not react to our basic demands for human rights in the Asylum System. On this half year anniversary, we invite you all to join us

–          in a rally in front of the parliament from 10.30 to 12.00 o’clock, where the protest of the refugees has started on the 10th of October 2012, when the Somalian Community raised their tents and stood protesting for 5 days. They raised urgent demands, as did the march from Traiskirchen to Vienna and the Refugee Camp in Sigmund built up in Freud-Park. The demands for a fair and human treatment have been handed over to the members of the parliament have been without reply. We will have an open microphone to present again our demands and the unbearable situation of the Austrian and European asylum system; and

–          at an Infopoint starting at 1.00 o’clock in the Refugee Protest Park (Sigmund Freud Park), where information material will be distributed, you can have a chat and learn more about why we seek asylum and the help of the local society.  Cool music will be played, so enjoy spring weather in the green park and meet new people!

Come and join us at these two actions on the half year anniversary of our protest!

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