Filmscreening „Residenzpflicht“

On 10th of may there will be the screening of the film „Residenzpflicht“ by the director Denise Garcia, who herself is part of the refugee protests in germany. The screening will be part of the Friday Cine Night of the Refugee Protest Camp.
Here you can find more information about the film and the director:

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Denise will come to Vienna on this day and will be at the screening for questions and discussion.

On the following weekend, 11th and 12th, she is doing a workshop for refugees and activists about experiences with the refugee protests in general.
The role of solidarity between refugees and activists, the understanding of the history of resistance, the meaning of self organisation and disobedience will be also important topics to be discussed.
Place and time of the workshop will be announced.

It would be nice, if people who want to take part in the workshop, could write a short reply to in order to know how many people will be there.

We hope to see you there!

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